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Length of Course

4 days

9:00 am – 4:00 pm ET


An undergraduate degree is desirable

Delivery Method



$1,825 CAD

Cost includes a non-refundable $25 registration fee


Ann Fitz-Gerald

Ann Fitz-Gerald

Director, Balsillie School of International Affairs

Course Summary

During a time when national governments, international organisations and planners worldwide are faced with managing large-scale institutional transformation required to remain relevant during these evolving global times, effective and visionary policy leadership is critical.  This course addresses all critical aspects of a resilient organization from problem solving, strategic planning, policy analysis, decision-making, direction setting, and policy implementation.

Today’s critical challenges facing both public and private sector leaders demand inter-disciplinary knowledge to promote a better understanding of the complex and intersectional issues which shape these threats, opportunities, risks and trends.  They also require awareness of, and proficiency in, appropriate frameworks and tools to help organize thinking, socialize such thinking through all levels of an organization and remain sufficiently agile to accommodate further change.

Course Sessions

  • Strategic leadership models
  • Strategic planning and policy analysis
  • Making strategic choices and prioritizing
  • Strategic resource management
  • Strategic implementation
  • Promoting institutional resilience

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand different schools of thought on the concept of ‘leadership’
  • Demonstrate knowledge of critical international trends, issues, risks and threats which impact directly on organizations working internationally
  • Approach complex issues with systems thinking and complexity frameworks
  • Use a range of tools supporting evidence-based analysis, decision-making and prioritization
  • Interpret various and complex presentational forms of raw data
  • Develop effective strategic and supporting objectives
  • Develop a visionary, comprehensive and coherent strategic plan
  • Defend choices of leadership and strategic approaches based on organizational experiences from a wide range of international contexts
  • Develop a rigorous organizational accountability framework which aligns to a strategic plan
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Ann Fitz-Gerald

Ann Fitz-Gerald

Director, Balsillie School of International Affairs