Insider Threats


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3 hours

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This course addresses the challenge of dealing with insider threats - threats posed by persons within an organization who breach security protocols and transmit information to unauthorised entities. It discusses major Canadian cases of insider threats, the development of the standard on security screening, and the challenges of building a security culture within organisations.


Wesley WarkWesley Wark is an expert on national security and intelligence issues, in both a Canadian and international context. He is a senior Fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation, in Waterloo, where he co-directed a major project on Canadian National Security Strategy.


Intensive, three-hour class divided into key topic components.


Government of Canada officials, primarily at EX-1 level. Of particular relevance for officials in the core and extended Canadian national security and intelligence community. Core includes CSIS, CSE, RCMP, DND/CAF, GAC, PCO, CBSA, Public Safety.

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