Unlocking Responsible AI Innovation and Managing Risks in the Rapidly Changing Legal and Policy Landscape


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3 hours

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$425 CAD


Artificial intelligence has evolved faster than the law, and policymakers globally are racing to catch up. How this unfolds could have profound consequences for individuals, businesses, the economy, global security, and advancing social good. Drawing upon her policy roles and other experiences, Lee Tiedrich provides students with strategic insights on the developing AI policy landscape, including how organizations can participate. Participants also will learn about multi-disciplinary approaches that can help organizations responsibly unlock the benefits of AI and data while mitigating risks, as the AI policy landscape continues to evolve.


Lee TiedrichLee Tiedrich is a widely recognized leader in artificial intelligence, data, and emerging technologies. She is a member of both the OECD and Global Partnership on AI (GPAI) AI expert groups and co-chairs both the GPAI Responsible AI Strategy for the Environment (RAISE) committee and the GPAI Intellectual Property Advisory Committee.


The masterclass format is a concise summary of 4-5 sessions delivered over a 3-hour period. Upon completion of the masterclass learning objectives, participants will receive a BEI certificate.

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